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Welcome, to our digital studio, a place where you can become part of the experience, your insider link to our lives at the studio and across Ontario through our exciting projects.

We are looking forward to sharing a little more about who we are and how we do it.

It’s our culture at Stamp & Hammer that we believe sets us apart, it’s bringing in our clients and consultants that create a sense of community that drives the utmost desirable results.

The only way you will find us in our creative element is grooving, music is what brings us together and these tracks will quickly find their way to your playlist, you can keep you ears current and listen here.

Not only a place for a personable experience but an opportunity to acquire a Stamp & Hammer design without all correspondence and costs. We are now offering a few selected designs that will increase your aesthetics and functionality at home, making your place to be for the next party!

See your options here.

That being said, if you are looking for something more, something truly bespoke to your exact requirements and your ready to embark on the next chapter in your life, we are here and available to discuss on how we can help make that happen. Send us an email with all your information to get started.

Berit, Mitch & Christina make up the driving force at Stamp & Hammer we are confident we are driven and we are working with you to deliver. We all work and vibe together in our open studio space, everything is always a collaborative effort, it’s how we reached where we are today.

stamp and hammer team

Berit Bech

Born in Denmark, travelled the world experiencing many different cities and ways of living, it’s when she found herself in ‘the beaches’ is when it felt right and would be her home away from home.

Quickly understanding how valuable square footage is in Toronto real estate, was when design and architecture became her obsession. Not only utilizing every inch but creating an aesthetic edge over the competition.

Habits of excellence and consistency is what increases the gap and produces great value, as an architectural technologist she has her platform to showcase her natural talent.

Mitch Sauder

It started when Mitchell would re-arrange the furniture at his family home, his parents would come home from work to find a completely new and fresh layout.

During careers class in high school, it was a toss up between choosing architecture and graphic design. After choosing architecture it was determined that the college route over university was best suited, due to the underlying entrepreneurial mindset and wanting to get into the field at the earliest point possible. This trend continued as he quickly moved through the licensing process, becoming a licensed technologist with the Ontario Association of Architects in January 2012.

Now living and creating in his community is truly full circle.

Christina Marinos

Drawn to architecture at a young age, Christina was able to secure a placement during high school at an architectural firm. It was this exposure which gave her a head start and was the first step bringing her true designer out. Her dedication and strong direction grew stronger as she completed the architecture program at George Brown College while still maintaining the original placement from high school.

Making forward progress in life on a personal level and a professional level has been and always will be the genetics that make up Christina. Now a licensed technologist with the Ontario Assosication of Architects is just the beginning of the recognition she deserves.