Road Trip: Part Two

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With the car packed to the brim, snacks on hand and accommodations booked – we made our way to Thornbury, ON for our second site visit of the year. This trip included more than just the sold out, My Bayside (Phase I) or the newly excavated, Phase II. We explored the sold out communities of Lora Bay’s The Masters and Thornbury’s Georgian Shores. We were able to immerse ourselves not only in past projects but current, as we explored our newest Thornbury project located on Alice St W.

As we visited Thornbury, we had the pleasure of staying at the Living Waters Resort, a fan favourite for the team. Luckily, despite the incoming long weekend, we were able to stay in some of their rooms and explore the hotel. The check-in process was easy, and the staff were friendly. Once check-in was complete, the team went their separate ways but not for long as we made our way down into the core of Collingwood for dinner.

The Tremont Café was spectacular in every sense of the word, we were able to combine work and play effortlessly. Stamp & Hammer was able to enjoy a delicious five course meal with added candlelit ambiance as a team. It wasn’t until dessert had arrived that we realized how full we all truly were.

The next day was packed full of site visits, as we made our way through both completed and in progress Calibrex developments. Once we had completed our visit through the developments, we made our way onto Alice St W. Where currently, on the property sits an older traditional family home, tucked away on a corner lot – full of opportunity and bustling potential. With the project underway and designs in progress, our client’s vision came to life, as our designers were able to develop a modern, full-scale 3D rendering. With plans to demolish the current home and undertake a brand new luxurious, all-season family home – the possibilities are certainly endless.

After weeks of planning and designing, we were finally able to stake our sign of the upcoming project onto the property. Entitling the design, “The Weekender”. We were able to combine every aspect of our client’s wants and needs, while adding our own creative and modern twists to the design. Needless to say, this project has certainly received our stamp of approval.

In the upcoming weeks, ground will be breaking on this project as the builders will demolish the current property in order to begin construction on The Weekender this fall.

Once we anchored our sign, our day in Thornbury was nearly over but before we could make our trek home – we had one last stop to make. If you’re ever in the area, and in dire need of a good Caesar, a shrimp cocktail, dill fries or even delicious garlic cheese rolls, we highly suggest you head on over to 1858 Caesar Bar. A Collingwood staple. The building itself was modern, but delicately built with traditional red brick matching the entire mood of the main strip. The patio was open, and weather held up just enough for us to enjoy the sunshine one last time before we made our way back to Newmarket.

All in all, the trip was an overwhelming success.

Don’t forget, if you are ever in the area, we recommend you visit either of the restaurants mentioned above, as they came highly recommended to us and were a huge hit for our team. We also recommend taking a drive through Alice St, to catch a glimpse of our sign and the property itself.

We are so excited for the upcoming year, and all the other adventures bound to come.

Stay tuned for future Stamp & Hammer projects and posts.