The Hub of the Home

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The family room, dining room and kitchen as we all know is the hub of the home, it truly is where we as people spend the most amount of time.



It is a place to unwind during those evenings after a busy day of work and enjoy a family dinner, it is a safe, no judgement place for those long chats over a warm cup of coffee, it is the warm but moody vibe for hosting cocktail hour, it’s even for Netflix and chill.



It is this space that is critically designed coherently with all these interchangeable uses in mind, great design will take a house and make it a home. Focusing on this space in this mindset has allowed us to develop some beautiful homes. The key ingredient we keep at the forefront when creating these spaces is not only the optimal layout but the enhancing room heights and ceiling details.



We are creating an experience worth remembering, and a great example of this is the Calibrex Developments product and that it cannot stay on the shelf, selling out phase after phase, development after development.


These spaces really come to life with the décor and staging by the wonderful Michelle Berwick Design and really would not be complete if Tara Gavin at On The Wall Framing didn’t bring the culture and depth to support our good vibes, all this captured in beautiful photographs by the extremely talented Christina Stirpe.


These homes have quickly made their way across social media and into the portfolios of all those involved, and we could not be more pumped to see this!

Spread Love and Good Vibes!