What is your favorite project to-date? A question that is asked every so often. However it has always been answered the same way; ‘the next one’.

And this is because every new project brings its own unique constraints, an opportunity to build upon our creative problem solving skills. The efficiencies we have established over the years from 1,000sf to 10,000sf have resulted in the utmost highest standards in all aspects of architecture and design. Every project becomes a bespoke block in our foundation at Stamp & Hammer which not only makes up our identity but also helps create one for our clients.

The absolute most important part of this industry to us is our relationships and our community. It’s cultivating a culture that we strive to maintain and share. Collaborating on all accounts is what makes all of us great, which in the end results in a timeless built-form. This culture is something we work at everyday both in the studio as a collective and independently when we are out in the community.

We eat and breathe architecture.


Meticulous in her professional approach, detail oriented propels Christina to succession in every task and challenge that each project brings. It’s this mindset that all of her clients and consultants have come to love and trust, there is only one direction and its forward. Doing things once and doing things right the first time makes for a far more enjoyable experience, just one reason why Chris is a great extension of the S&H brand as she pushes this message daily.

Full service on all accounts during the life of a project or development is where Christina finds herself living her best life, being hands on and in the loop from beginning to end is what keeps her happy and motivated. Brilliant things do come in small packages.

Everyone; meet Chris.


If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Berit, you’re going to want to!

Life experience filtered through architecture and design is what elevates her skillset into something valuable and distinctive. It comes natural for her to understand, evaluate and implement action on all projects across the board. It’s these results that drives excellence which consistently add to her character that has developed into a reputation worth taking note of.

Berit’s ability to come alongside her clients to take on their vision, collaborate on these ideas and translate them into drawings and documents, makes her a great example of what Stamp & Hammer has come to offer.